11 September 2012

Too Old For a Spanking

“My wife is too old for a spanking.” Is she indeed? How old is too old? If domestic discipline is part of your marriage by mutual agreement, then there is no upper limit at which this agreement expires. The husband retains the responsibility to lead his wife for as long as he is her husband. Likewise, the wife has the responsibility to remain submissive to her husband until death liberates her from the marriage bond.

A husband who owns his authority as leader in the home has a life-long responsibility to his wife. He must be prepared to exercise his authority at all times. If marital spanking is part of how a husband helps his wife grow in her submission, then that spanking shouldn’t fade out as the grey hairs appear and the energy levels drop. Certainly one can expect the need for punishment spankings to lessen as the years pass and a couple grows closer and matures emotionally. A husband and wife who love each other will learn to serve each other better as the years pass. A wife who has matured in her submissive role is unlikely to disregard her husband, show him disrespect, or blatantly disobey him. A husband who has shouldered his leadership responsibilities and learned to lead wisely will most likely have learned that his highest calling is to love and serve his wife. His choices will enrich the life of his darling wife and encourage her to reach higher levels of submission as he grows in his authority. The call for a husband to subject his wife to punishment spankings will become more faint as the couple grows up together.

The need for communication, however, will never end. It doesn’t matter how emotionally mature a couple becomes - they will always need to share their deepest, most intimate thoughts with each other if the marriage is to remain healthy. Marital spanking, at its very heart, is a poorly understood, yet very powerful form of communication between a husband and wife. It can be practiced on the wedding night. It can be practiced every day thereafter for as long as that couple should live. It can be started decades after a couple’s wedding. There is no right time or wrong time to incorporate marital spanking into a marriage. And there is no end point that should be imposed based on age.

But isn’t spanking too physically demanding for elderly folk? Obviously, age-related illness or disability may make some spanking positions difficult or impossible. Where a spanking position or technique that was once comfortable becomes too difficult to use, the couple should consider adapting the position or the implement(s) used. Giving up spanking because it takes a little more effort than it once did is dangerous for the integrity of the marriage. By excluding the experience of the husband reddening his wife’s bare bottom from the repertoire of communication tools, the couple that once spanked is choosing to share less of themselves with each other. The less we share with our partners, the less we grow as a couple. Inevitably, as the communication diminishes, spouses drift apart. But this drift is unnecessary. Every couple can finish strong. Drifting apart in the latter years of marriage is as much a choice as it is in the first few years of marriage, or anywhere in between. If you once included spanking in your marriage and quit because you felt you were too old, go back to your “old tricks”. If you have never included spanking in your marriage, and feel you are now both too old to even consider it, think again. Read, educate yourself, and then take the plunge and try out some “old fashioned” marriage activities.


  1. Anonymous26/8/13 04:31

    That women don't get too old for a spanking was once an open secret. Today, although both my wife and I are of the geriatric generation, I still spank her bare bottom when she becomes difficult. A bare bottom spanking today is just as effect today as it was when my wife was my then teenage girlfriend. Of course, like most young women of her generation, my wife got spanked a few times by her father when she was in her late teens. As a result, the idea of a disciplinarian possibly "seeing everything" was a normal part of getting spanked in those days. So, too, was marrying with the explicit understanding that a wife would be spanked!

    Typically, after we got married, these spankings were administered in the bedroom with me seated on the edge of the bed. Early in our marriage, my wife would lay across my lap with her feet on the floor and her upper body on the bed. Even though my wife had been trained by her parents to take a spanking, sometimes that positioning proved awkward.

    For the past several decades, we've used positioning sometimes known as over the lap facing backwards. More accurately, bare at least from her waist down, my wife straddles my left thigh before getting spanked with my right hand. Relatively speaking, my wife admits she finds this position far more comfortable trying to take a spanking over my lap. She also says that it is more personal than having to bend over a bed with her panties down - which is how her parents paddled her when she was growing up.

    Although my wife admitted eons ago that it took paddling rather than spanking to really get her attention, we retired the paddle shortly after my wife went through menopause. Since then, she's only had a few serious spankings. Among the more memorable was for turning into a bridezilla by proxy on the day before our daughter got married. Even though only a bathroom separated our bedroom from that occupied by wedding guests, my wife didn't argue when she saw me take off my belt after telling her to take off her clothes. As my mother used to phrase it, "She took her whipping like a woman."

    Based on my experience, I advised husbands with older wives to spank them when their behavior becomes problematic. It's still just as effective as it was when they were young women.

  2. Anonymous6/2/15 19:58

    During a discussion about spanking many decades ago, a grandmother in her 70s said women don't get too old to spank. While I don't know the upper age limit, I know healthy women in their 60s and 70s can still be spanked on their bare bottoms without causing any lasting damage. It hurts and they still cry just like women one third their age.

  3. Decades ago, an elderly widow told a story about a provocative spinster getting spanked with a switch by her much younger brother. The old woman's point was women don't get too old to be spanked by a man. Age is irrelevant. It was a lesson I took to heart.

    All these many years later, my wife is now older than the widow was back then. Occasionally my wife will hint, as women sometimes do, that the time has come to put her bare bottomed over my knee and straighten her out.

    At other times, especially if I believe she's too wound up, I'll take her to the bedroom. When this happens, she knows to bare her bottom and get over my knee, or else she'll get spanked with a belt!

    While I don't claim to know the upper age limit, I do know women can take moderate bare bottom spankings with a man's hand or small strap through their 60s and into their 70s. It still hurts and they still cry much like they did as young women.

    The most comfortable positioning for a mature woman is straddling the man's thigh when he's seated on a bed. The man wraps his non-spanking hand around her waist as her torso is supported by the bed.

  4. Anonymous4/4/16 05:50

    While I admittedly don't know what the upper limit is, I know from firsthand experience that a woman can be successfully spanked on her bare bottom into her 60s and even 70s. My wife still cries and says being made to stand red bottomed in the corner afterwards is just as embarrassing as it was when she was a girl.