06 September 2012

Spanking Relieves Tension

What happens when stress levels rise in your home? Is there a lot of shouting? Are there senseless arguments that include mudslinging and name-calling, but no real problem-solving? Does the husband withdraw and become silent? Does he slam doors and leave the house? Does the wife get emotional and critical? Does she pull out her mental list and point out all the weaknesses of her husband?
Each couple responds to stress differently. Most are fully aware of the tension, but have no idea of how to resolve it. They may try pretending that there is no problem. When the silence becomes unbearable, the bickering takes over. The husband and wife convince themselves that they are talking about the problem, but they are seldom listening to each other. Feeling unlistened to makes the speaker try harder to be heard. The bickering becomes an argument. The rational exchanges becomes self-centered and critical. Some couples hang in there and the argument becomes loud, marked with angry accusations. Others stop the argument abruptly and leave behind unresolved issues that are never spoken of again. Either route leads to a home filled with tension, where its hard for a husband to lovingly lead and a wife to choose submission.
What can be done to swiftly reduce the tension in the home? Is there a way to prevent bickering and domestic unrest? In a marriage where spanking is part of the couple's communication repetoire, the solution is close at hand. It simply takes the husband or the wife to have the courage to choose spanking at that volatile moment.
Ideally, the husband should propose a spanking as the way to cut through all the argumentative nonsense and get the couple back to a relaxed frame of mind. This not the time to introduce the topic of spanking or to debate how appropriate it would be. (The role of spanking in the marriage should have been discussed long before the onset of an argument, when the couple could share their thoughts without emotion.) In times of tension, most people don't communicate clearly with words - they end up saying things they later regret. They explain themeselves poorly. Emotion distorts what people hear. Too much talking can be damaging at a time when there is a lot of emotion in the mix. This is the time for the leader to act more than to talk.
Once the husband has informed his wife that he will be spanking her, he should proceed with his proposal. If the husband is too uptight to even think of spanking and his wife is more clear-headed at the time, she can just as easily be the one to ASK for a spanking as a means to resolve tension. It is imperative that the wife actually ask, and not insist on a spanking or demand that her husband deliver one. By asking, she reinforces his authority as the leader and helps him step back into that role. By asking for the spanking, she also reinforces her own position of submission and relinquishes control of the situation to her husband. The simple act of announcing an impending spanking or asking for one can go a long way to relieving tension. The spanking itself will then open the door to resolving the rest of the tension.



  1. Rebecca A.6/9/12 12:46

    Spanking always helps me relax. Not sure how, but it does.

  2. Anonymous22/3/13 01:57

    I want one