04 July 2012

Spanking Communicates Authority I

If you can get past the idea that a husband spanking his wife is too barbaric to even contemplate, you may be ready to ask how spanking achieves what the old folks say it does. How does spanking help to strengthen a marriage? Surely a grown woman doesn’t need to be disciplined like a naughty child? Her pain threshold is higher than a child’s so how does a bit of butt-warming administered by her husband have effect on her? Is it all about her husband humiliating her or deriving selfish, lustful pleasure from beating his wife?

Perhaps the most powerful attribute of a sound spanking is that is clearly communicates authority. Most people get wrapped up in how unfair it is for a husband to lay his hand across his wife’s behind and cause her some pain. They focus on the pain and the embarrassment of spanking and become oblivious to the very thing that is vital for a healthy marriage: a husband IN AUTHORITY and a wife who SUBMITS to that authority.

What does a spanking have to do with the husband’s authority and the wife’s submission? A spanking is the most physical and safe way for a husband to clearly demonstrate that he is in authority. A spanking is the most physical and safe way for a wife to demonstrate her submission to her husband. In giving and accepting a spanking, both the husband and wife are communicating (and perhaps reminding themselves) of their commitment to their marriage roles.

Couldn’t the husband and wife simply communicate their authority and submission with words? Yes, they can and they should. The husband should always first make his stand with a verbal declaration of his authority. He should never be afraid to speak out as the leader of the home. In like manner, the wife should be bold about her submission. She should grab every opportunity to express her respect for her husband, in his presence and when he is absent.  Spanking does not substitute for this verbal level of communication between husband and wife. Spanking complements the verbal communication.


  1. When my husband spanks me I always feel more submissive.

  2. Anonymous7/4/16 04:07

    Women commonly claim being spanked MAKES them submissive. Even being traditionally positioned is a humbling experience. It is an all but guaranteed cure for a woman's vanity.

    A woman's ability to endure pain can be easily overcome by using an appropriate high-sting implement. Decades ago, a grandmother advised merely seeing a switch in a man's hand makes a woman respect him.