15 December 2012

10 Penny-wise Gifts for Your Wife

A diamond may be a girl's best friend, but sometimes she will want a gift that speaks louder than the price tag. Trade in the idea of flashy jewelry or an expensive spa hamper for a gift that will fit your budget, keep financial conflict out of your marriage this season, and touch your wife's heart.
Previously, following on our discussion of Christmas gifts for your spouse when your budget is tight, we shared some of our favorite inexpensive, gift ideas that a wife can use for giving a gift to her husband. This post is devoted to inexpensive and thoughtful gifts a husband can give his wife. There is no reason to skip gift-giving this year simply because your wallet is empty. Bless your wife with a gift that communicates your love and appreciation for her, without creating debt in the process.
For the wife who is on her feet all day: Use colored card reclaimed from cereal boxes or other sources to create foot massage vouchers. (Obviously, you (the husband) will be giving these wonderful foot massages, so prepare yourself to pamper your sweetheart.) Set an expiry date on each voucher so your wife will be encouraged to cash in her special treats at regular intervals.
For the wife who loves photographs: Capture a special moment on camera when your wife isn't aware that she is the focal point. If you don't have an eye for taking pictures, ask a friend or your child to snap some pictures of you and your wife when you are in public. Make sure you select a picture that is particularly flattering to your wife. Give it some old world charm by having it printed in black and white or sepia tone - your local pharmacy charges pennies for a small print. Spend an extra dollar on a frame that matches the picture (your local dollar store should have a selection of small frames).
For the wife who isn't on a diet: Purchase your wife's favorite candy bar. Carefully unwrap it without ripping the wrapper. Hand-write a love letter to your wife, fold it to match the size of the candy bar, and insert the letter (together with the candy bar) into the undamaged wrapper.  Carefully seal the wrapper, and wrap the candy bar in some pretty paper.
For the wife who likes to reminisce: Fill a small booklet with reprints or photocopies of your wife's favorite photographs. Your wedding, your honeymoon, the birth of your children, and family vacations all make good photo sources. This is about creating more than another photo album, so make sure you add your memories (positive memories only) associated with the pictures by writing comments alongside the pictures. Tell your wife what you were thinking when the photo was taken, or what the picture reminds you of.
For the wife who likes to play games: Create your own intimate card game. Start with cutting a set of flash cards from scrap cardboard. On each card, write a word that means something special to you as a couple. Create your own rules for your word-association game and include these rules when you package your cards. When designing your game rules, remember that whatever you do with your cards should be fun for both of you, and should encourage intimacy.
For the wife who enjoys being spanked: Create a set of 10 to 20 stress-relief and/or playful spanking vouchers. Use colorful card recycled from junk mail for the vouchers, or print the vouchers on your home printer. You may not always be aware when your wife needs or wants a spanking, so these vouchers will help her get what she needs when she needs it. They work well for couples where the wife struggles to ask for a spanking or the husband is not particularly observant and aware of his wife's needs. All the wife needs to do is present her husband with a spanking voucher, and he should provide her with a spanking within 24 hours.
For the wife who does most of the housework herself: Running a home is hard work - make no mistake about it. And it is even harder when you cannot afford outside help and must repeat the same household tasks day after day without a break. Give your wife the gift of a small break from routine when she needs it most. Create a handful of simple housework vouchers (at least 20 - be generous) e.g. washing supper dishes, vacuuming the lounge floor, scrubbing the bath. These vouchers will encourage a wife who is uncomfortable asking for help (especially if her husband typically comes home tired from work) to express when she feels overwhelmed. She can express what she feels by simply returning a voucher to her husband - she doesn't have to speak about how she feels if she is not ready to do that. The husband's responsibility is to jump in and complete the task  on the voucher he is given. This task will probably only take him a few minutes, but will give his wife a much-needed break from the monotony of repetitive housework.
For the wife who deserves, but avoids, the spotlight: Some wives work tirelessly to make their homes a wonderful place to be. Often, the efforts of these amazing women go unnoticed, and yet it doesn't seem to deter them. This Christmas, you can shine the spotlight on your wife and give a gift of 30 days of uninterrupted recognition. Write 30 short letters to your wife. Each letter need be only a paragraph long and should express your appreciation for one aspect of who she is, or what she does for you and your family. You can make those letters even more special by taking a trip to a local department store. Stop by the fragrance counters and ask the sales assistants if you may spray a little perfume from the tester bottles onto a sheet of paper. It may take some time to collect 30 different fragrance samples on your letter papers, so aim for 5 or 6 different fragrances that you think your wife would enjoy. Seal the letters in 30 envelopes, and write the number 1 to 30 on the envelopes. Present the set of envelopes with instructions that your wife is to open one envelope every day for a month.
For the wife who enjoys complex gifts and problem-solving challenges: Create your own treasure capsule. To do this, blend the ideas of a time capsule with a treasure chest. Cover a recycled box with pretty paper. Collect a variety of small items that you can directly link to experiences you have shared with your wife. The complete collection should fit in the box. For example, if you honeymooned at the coast, a seashell might represent this experience. If your first child is a boy, perhaps a blue baby comb might trigger a memory of his birth. Include a challenge to your wife to get her thinking about what each item represents, and the promise of a date night when you will explain what each of those items mean to you.
For the wife who is struggling with being submissive: Provide one "get out of (spanking) jail FREE" card. This card should include your sincere promise to exempt your wife from one corrective or discipline spanking that would usually result from breaking a house rule. You reserve the right to substitute some other form of punishment in the place of a spanking. Make this card valid for one year.
Husbands, feel free to add your own ideas for low- or no-cost gifts for your wife in the comment section below. Wives, if you have received an inexpensive, creative gift from your husband, please do share it with our other readers. Many folk have had a tough financial year, and could benefit from hearing that great gift-giving has little to do with the money in your wallet.


  1. I always include a poem with my wife's Christmas gift. I am not a very good poet at all, but I enjoy expressing my love with words. My wife has all 10 years of my clumsy, little Christmas poems pasted into a scrap book. Andy.

    1. You are a thoughtful gift-giver, Andy. Thanks for sharing your gift idea. Poetry written from the heart is one of the most touching gifts a husband can give his wife. I love that your wife treasures those poems by keeping them in a scrap-book. The love is flowing both ways.

  2. I have a blog about this www.1950princess.blogspot.co.uk

    Princess x

    1. Thanks, Princess - I visited your blog, and noticed your blog is relatively new. Welcome! I read all your posts, but unfortunately did not find any that dealt with the topic of inexpensive and handmade, yet extremely thoughtful gifts for a wife. Perhaps you could provide us with a more specific reference to the post(s) you are referring to? That would be helpful to our readers who may not have time to read through all your posts. Thanks.

  3. These are nice. Last year he didn't get me anything! We didn't have any money anyway, but I was hoping for maybe a note or something. I try to write him letters every year and when I do, I usually write one to myself and pretend he sent it. :-) It makes me feel a little better.

    I struggle a lot to be a quiet and obedient wife. I have to admit I was taken aback by your picture that you used. For 10 Pennywise Gifts for your Wife, why did you choose a picture of a cold jail cell? It's very difficult trying to be good, quiet and do what you're told; to be confronted by a picture of a jail cell is more than depressing -- thinking that's what I'm thought of, worthy to be tossed in there. I know that sounds nitpicky but I am just saying.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Anonymous. We shared ours in this post especially to help folk like your husband who may use "no money" as an excuse for not giving. (Why not print out both the posts about low- and no-cost gifting for husbands and wives, and use these articles as an opener so you and your husband can discuss how to give WITHOUT spending money?) It isn't always that some people are not generous and giving - sometimes they just don't know HOW to give with little or no spending money.

      A lot of how we view and experience life is simply a matter of perspective. Two people can look at the same object or event and see entirely different things, right? There are two reasons the jail cell image was chosen.

      Reason 1: If you read the post carefully, you will see that the gift idea #10 refers to a "get out of jail free" card. If you have never played Monopoly then that reference will make little sense to you. If you know what a "get out of jail card" is, then you would understand how a jail cell is an appropriate image - a "get out of jail free" card allows you to escape the punishment element of the "jail".

      Reason 2: I see a wife's obedience and submission to her husband as a powerful way to release her potential and allow her to discover all the pleasures and satisfaction God intended her to have as a wife. Submission RELEASES a wife from the confines of bearing responsibilities and doing tasks she was never created to deal with. Submission opens a wife's "jail cell".

      I don't know what your religion is, so I can only encourage you to discover your TRUE worth in a way that makes sense to me: by studying God's word. There is no reason to see yourself as being worthy of being tossed into a jail cell. Your worth exceeds your imagination and is not set by how your husband treats you, or how you feel about yourself.The image of the jail cell is not a negative, depressing image: it is about promise and potential and the wonderful joy and liberation that comes with honoring your husband as head of your home.