04 May 2012

Which Marriages are Happiest?

According to Mother Teresa, "there is no key to happiness. The door is always open." While many folk are still out searching for the elusive key to a happy marriage, it is clear that some couples have already stepped through the doorway into a satisfying, fulfilled marriage. How did they do this? They simply chose a traditional or old fashioned marriage where the husband is the head of his home, and the wife willingly submits to his authority.

Below is a tiny sampling of many articles and blogs you will find online that report on how happy the couples are who have adopted a traditional marriage. Are these traditional marriages perfect? Certainly not, but they do provide access to the kind of happiness that many other marriage approaches dismally fail to deliver.

The Role of a Woman in the Marriage: "But then you listen to those people who actually seem content in their marriage and they portray marriage as an acting of roles. Both men and women of these contented marriages agree that the man and the woman have traditional roles in a marriage and that’s what makes it work." 

Traditional Marriage Roles Are Working: "This agreement of ours to embrace traditional roles works SO well. We each know what our own daily and long term tasks are, and we nearly never trip on one another when it comes to who is expected to do what."

What Kind of Marriage Makes Women Happiest: "Modernist assumptions about marriage continue to unravel. Last week a major research project came to some "surprising" findings, namely that women are happier in traditional, gender-based marriages rather than the "egalitarian" (non-gendered) partnerships which they have been encouraged to embrace."

The Happy Marriage is the Traditional Marriage: "A traditional conservative marriage has lasted for centuries, while "liberated" modern women with all their waves of feminism and copious helpings of Sex In The City has run out of steam after a mere three decades, leaving its supporters unfulfilled, empty, and angry."

Create a Perfect Marriage: "An intensely blissful marriage is one where both partners are firmly placed in their male and female roles. The HOH is a proper man; he exercises complete authority over his wife and always acts in her interest. The wife is totally feminine; she is sweet, quiet, girly and when appropriate very sexy. When there is absolute clarity of roles then a whole new world opens up. It is world where everything seems to both function and fit. It is world where great certainty and peace of mind exist."

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