12 May 2012

Real Men are Heroes

In an article entitled, "Can I still take charge if I am not a superhero?" the male author raises some important issues. He stresses that real men are not always confident and sometimes need a little cuddling and tender, loving care from their wives. Real men get frustrated and need to vent. Real men sometimes show their weakness. Real men are not always calm and collected. Real men are not always on top of everything. Real men don't always have the energy to be in charge. How can a real man with all this apparent "weakness" take charge and remain in charge of his marriage? How can his wife look to him as the leader if he seems so weak and needy?
As one respondant to the article pointed out: Real men are not fantasy super heroes. They are not the muscle-rippled giants in spandex who leap off buildings and soar through the air using only their nylon capes as wings. BUT, real men are heroes to the women in their lives. Real men MUST BE the heroes in the lives of the women they live to love, protect, and guide.

So what is a hero? Dictionary.com defines a hero as a man of distinguished courage or admired his brave deeds and noble qualities. In like manner, Merriam-Webster defines the hero as a courageous man admired for his achievements and noble qualities. The basic definitions of a hero fall far short of the Holleywood image of the "superhero" in tights. In fact, being a hero seems entirely achievable for the average man on the street. In essence, a hero is simply a noble, courageous man. Isn't that what every boy grows up wanting to be? Isn't that the heart's call of every man on this planet?

Does a real man who can cry real tears and feel real fatigue have to be a hero to his wife? YES, he does. It is the responsibility of every husband to be courageous and noble, and when the man owns this responsibility, he becomes a hero in the eyes of his wife.

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