03 May 2012

Four Places to Find Information on Traditional Marriage

What happens when your spouse agrees to consider the idea of traditional marriage? Yes, you know you want to try it, but your spouse may need to know more before plunging into an old fashioned marriage. Change is difficult at the best of times. If your marriage is under threat, the thought of major changes to marriage roles may be intimidating enough to deter a hesitant spouse.

Education is a key element in encouraging change in your marriage. You may feel that you know all there is to know already, but if that were the case you would already have faciliated the change in marriage roles a long time ago. You need the education as much as your hesitant spouse does. Imagine how much your marriage will be enriched if you take the education journey together as a couple. Explore new ideas together and you will grow together. Learn together and you will overcome obstacles together. Successfully adopting your new, traditional marriage roles is going to take some effort. Why reinvent the wheel if you can instead learn from others who have gone before? 

Where do I go to start learning more about traditional marriage roles?

Your local church: Ask your pastor or priest for reading material on traditional, Biblical models of marriage. Your church leader may even have Bible studies available for couples to work through at their own pace.

Your local public library: Use the library catalogue to source appropriate books on the topic, or ask a librarian to help you find the materials.

Your local or online bookstore: Traditional or old fashioned marriage is a hot topic. Word that it works is getting out and more people are keen to learn about it. With the growth in demand has followed an explosion of published materials on this topic. Purchase non-fiction materials to learn more about the fundamentals of this kind of marriage. To become comfortable with the topic in a less, formal way purchase short stories or novels that focus on old fashioned marriage. Reading non-fiction stories together is a great way for couples to encourage open discussion about the practices of traditional marriage.

The internet: While perhaps the most difficult source of information to navigate because it isn't always clear which websites are reputable and which are not, the internet can be a wealth of information. Using search terms like "traditional marriage", "Biblical model of marriage" or "old fashioned marriage" will help you explore a variety of different websites. From time to time, this blog will focus on websites we believe provide useful information. 

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