26 January 2013

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you, Ward and June at The Dish with Ward and June, for nominating us for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Ward and June use their inspiring and insightful blog to explore traditional male-led relationships in a modern world, and believe in building on and within the core values of communication, reciprocity, grace and balance. If you haven't already visited their blog, do take a moment to do that, and let them know what you enjoyed most about it.
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award has some simple rules:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Seven things (you might or might not know) about us:
1. We believe that the best marriages are a threesome: God, the husband who leads, and the wife who submits to her husband.
2. We have a set of principles by which we live.
3. We are adventurous, and are always on the look-out for new things to explore.
4. We love to learn (search engines and the dictionary are included amongst our best friends).
5. We detest wastefulness.
6. We exercise together.
7. We have big goals and high standards (for our professional and personal lives).
Our nominees:
Please take a moment to visit the blogs of our nominees and read some of their posts. We have learned much from our fellow bloggers, and encourage you to explore some new blogs and see what you can learn today.

01 January 2013

Do Life Differently

A new year is upon us. The thrill of the hunt for new adventures is calling us out. There is anticipation. Excitement. A little holding of our breath as we allow ourselves to dream big and consider the possibilities. Anything could happen.
And then it descends. That dark cloud of doubt. We remember. We remember standing on the brink of all those new years that have gone before. We remember the excitement and the anticipation. And we remember what followed. Nothing, but the same old same old.
So what will be different this year? Anything? Something? Isn't it a waste to burn energy on excitement? Isn't hope a little pointless? Aren't we just setting ourselves up for disappointment if we expect this year to be any better than last year?
As humans, we have access to two things that make life nothing short of remarkable: hope, and the capacity for change. We can tap into both of those elements right now, and our excitement and enthusiasm for a great year does not have to be short-lived. Our lives are not scripted. We are not born to be failures or quitters. We are not destined to have a miserable marriage, because that's how it was for our parents. We can hope for a more fulfilling marriage, a more peaceful home, and a better tomorrow. We can change. We can choose to do what it takes to to build our marriage into something fruitful and strong. We can choose to love our marriage partner even when our experience says it won't make a difference. We can choose to have a home filled with harmony when it has been a war zone in the past. We can live better this year than we did last year.
Want a better year this year? Do something different. Make the change you know you need to make. Eat less. Exercise more. Have more sex with your spouse. Seek intimacy with your spouse on a daily basis. Husbands, take authority in your homes. Wives, submit graciously to your husbands. Stop arguing. Start communicating. Share with your spouse. Share some more. Don't go to bed angry. Touch each other. Compliment each other. Hold hands in public. Hold hands while you watch TV. Cook meals together. Eat those meals together. Share even more.
Want a better year this year? Do life differently this year. If you repeat the mistakes of last year, you will reap the same results as you did last year. So change. And anticipate good things. Don't squash your hope for a better marriage.
Happy new year to all our readers! May the new year present you with many opportunities to grow as a couple, and may you always have the courage to grab those opportunities with gusto.