14 February 2013

Red Hot Valentine's Day Spanking

Red. The color of passion and love. Red. Evidence of a husband's firm hand on his wife's bare bottom. Red.
Why wait? Husbands, be bold and add a spanking to your other Valentine's Day plans. Do it before the end of the day, so there is plenty of time for both of you to think about what the spanking communicates before you are visited by the sandman. If your lovely wife is unlikely to appreciate hot red in the spirit of the moment, you may want to consider warm pink on this special occasion. Place your sweetheart over your lap and deliver a pleasantly toasty reminder that boldly says that you are her husband, leader, protector, and passionate lover. Take it slowly and clearly express your gratitude for your wife's willingness to submit to you. Her submission is her daily gift to you, so use this special opportunity to acknowledge her gift and reciprocate with your own gift of authority.
A spanking may seem like an odd gift to give on a day that is dedicated to love, yet when given outside of the confines of discipline or sexual foreplay, a spanking has the capacity to communicate your love for each other in a way that a box of chocolates never will. All wrapped up in a spanking of this nature you will find trust, intimacy, caring, dedication, commitment, loyalty, touch, and giving.
Red. Or pink. Add your favorite color to your celebration today.
Happy Valentine's Day!

10 February 2013

Valentine's Day: Simple Loving

So I am feeling brave and I want to do something different for my sweetheart this Valentine's Day. How do I get off the beaten-track that we have been brainwashed to think is the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day? Do I have to turn my back on red roses and high-calorie candy?

The good news is that a love communication can be simple and inexpensive, and it doesn't need to take weeks of preparation to give your gift or expression of love its value. You don't have to lose the red roses and the chocolate, but you don't have to include these.

Remember when you made those cute homemade cards as a kid? It's amazing what a box of crayons, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and some card can evolve into. Yes, your expression of love can be as simple as a homemade card with “I love you” in it. And no, you don't need to be a great artist to pull this off. Stop thinking about what you can't do, and focus on what you can do. Think "ransom note" - you've seen them in the movies: mysterious messages created by the old fashioned "cut and paste" method. Grab an old magazine or newspaper and cut out letters or words that can be assembled into your own special love message.

Not in the mood to cut and paste? What about a love letter written by hand (complete with spelling errors and ink splotches). Or add a little old world charm and write your love note on a new handkerchief using permanent ink. (For those readers who are too young to know what a handkerchief is: a small square of soft absorbent material, such as linen, silk, or cotton, carried and used to wipe the nose or eyes.) For added sweetness, wrap the handkerchief letter around your sweetheart's favorite candy bar.

Need more of a challenge? Your love communication can be as sophisticated as treasure hunt complete with a map and hidden clues. Have the hunt lead your partner to a special place instead of an object, and use the destination as a venue for a special meal, or quiet time together.

Fortunate enough to live in a warm, northern zone or the southern hemisphere (which is enjoying summer right now)? Then pack a picnic basket and enjoy lunch in the park or at the beach. No time for lunch? Trade dinner in a restaurant for a picnic under the stars. And keep the picnic simple: fruit, fresh bread, cheese, bottles of water, and something sweet for dessert. And even if you don't live where an outdoor picnic would work well (three feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures can take some of the fun out it), a picnic can still bring a little romance into your day. Just move you picnic indoors: put your blanket out on the living room floor, light some candles, and unpack your picnic basket. You'll be ready for your first Valentine's "carpet picnic" - perhaps the start of an annual tradition.
Use your imagination. Your gift can be as simple as a walk on the beach, sharing a favorite dessert with your spouse while you cuddle in bed, a cup of coffee at the cafe where you first met, or an extra cookie wrapped in a love note and hidden in the lunchbox. The thought of celebrating Valentine's Day with your loved one shouldn't intimidate you. You don't need to worry whether your gift will be good enough, or whether it will be reciprocated. Banish the anxiety of gift-giving, and choose to love simply. Valentine's Day is just one more opportunity to remind your spouse that they are the love of your life.

09 February 2013

Valentine's Day: To Play the Game or Not

Is Valentine’s Day outdated? Valentine’s Day may still capture the hearts of the young and restless, but should it be a thing of the past for married couples? After all, is it not simply an excuse for macho young men and liberated young women to ditch their images and indulge in a little romance for 24 hours? Perhaps it does give the unmarried an opportunity to play at a little old fashioned courtship without fear of ridicule from their peers, but that doesn’t mean it has to be evicted from the playtime repertoire of married folk. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reignite a spark of passion in the marriage.

To stoke the marriage fires takes a little effort. Any couple that has their honeymoon behind them will know that the honeymoon fires do die down if it they are not fuelled. But how do we fuel the fires of passion? On the surface, it appears that the commercial world has made it easy to piggyback those efforts on Valentine’s Day. Your credit card will secure you a couple dozen long-stemmed roses, some imported chocolate, an over-sized Hallmark card, sparkly jewelry, and an over-priced meal in some romantic setting. You may even get away with a quick rush to the mall only minutes before you need to present the gifts. Effortless romance, right? You get to communicate your love, and you don’t even need to give it much thought. 

But what if you dared to be different this year? What if you actually invested a little thought, a little time, and a little effort into making Valentine’s Day special for your sweetheart? Yes, I know. Why bother when all your efforts won’t be appreciated? Why give up your free time to do something special for your spouse when they won’t notice your sacrifice? Or perhaps you are thinking that you are not creative and could never do anything romantic?

This Valentine’s Day is about reminding your marriage partner that you love them. Love is easy to communicate, but sometimes we forget that. Love has been commercialized to the point where we believe that without the bunches of roses, expensive jewelry, elaborate dinners, and preprinted cards, our love communications will somehow be considered inferior. Dare to turn a blind eye to the script that the commercial world presents you with this Valentine’s Day. Dare to remind your sweetheart that you love them in a way that will be priceless to them and a perfect fit for your relationship.

26 January 2013

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you, Ward and June at The Dish with Ward and June, for nominating us for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Ward and June use their inspiring and insightful blog to explore traditional male-led relationships in a modern world, and believe in building on and within the core values of communication, reciprocity, grace and balance. If you haven't already visited their blog, do take a moment to do that, and let them know what you enjoyed most about it.
The Very Inspiring Blogger Award has some simple rules:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Seven things (you might or might not know) about us:
1. We believe that the best marriages are a threesome: God, the husband who leads, and the wife who submits to her husband.
2. We have a set of principles by which we live.
3. We are adventurous, and are always on the look-out for new things to explore.
4. We love to learn (search engines and the dictionary are included amongst our best friends).
5. We detest wastefulness.
6. We exercise together.
7. We have big goals and high standards (for our professional and personal lives).
Our nominees:
Please take a moment to visit the blogs of our nominees and read some of their posts. We have learned much from our fellow bloggers, and encourage you to explore some new blogs and see what you can learn today.

01 January 2013

Do Life Differently

A new year is upon us. The thrill of the hunt for new adventures is calling us out. There is anticipation. Excitement. A little holding of our breath as we allow ourselves to dream big and consider the possibilities. Anything could happen.
And then it descends. That dark cloud of doubt. We remember. We remember standing on the brink of all those new years that have gone before. We remember the excitement and the anticipation. And we remember what followed. Nothing, but the same old same old.
So what will be different this year? Anything? Something? Isn't it a waste to burn energy on excitement? Isn't hope a little pointless? Aren't we just setting ourselves up for disappointment if we expect this year to be any better than last year?
As humans, we have access to two things that make life nothing short of remarkable: hope, and the capacity for change. We can tap into both of those elements right now, and our excitement and enthusiasm for a great year does not have to be short-lived. Our lives are not scripted. We are not born to be failures or quitters. We are not destined to have a miserable marriage, because that's how it was for our parents. We can hope for a more fulfilling marriage, a more peaceful home, and a better tomorrow. We can change. We can choose to do what it takes to to build our marriage into something fruitful and strong. We can choose to love our marriage partner even when our experience says it won't make a difference. We can choose to have a home filled with harmony when it has been a war zone in the past. We can live better this year than we did last year.
Want a better year this year? Do something different. Make the change you know you need to make. Eat less. Exercise more. Have more sex with your spouse. Seek intimacy with your spouse on a daily basis. Husbands, take authority in your homes. Wives, submit graciously to your husbands. Stop arguing. Start communicating. Share with your spouse. Share some more. Don't go to bed angry. Touch each other. Compliment each other. Hold hands in public. Hold hands while you watch TV. Cook meals together. Eat those meals together. Share even more.
Want a better year this year? Do life differently this year. If you repeat the mistakes of last year, you will reap the same results as you did last year. So change. And anticipate good things. Don't squash your hope for a better marriage.
Happy new year to all our readers! May the new year present you with many opportunities to grow as a couple, and may you always have the courage to grab those opportunities with gusto.