16 September 2012

Lady in Red

Disrespect. Rebellion. Disregard for the rules. Disobedience. Neglect. Dishonesty. If the wife pleads guilty to any of these domestic crimes, what is to be her punishment? Or is there no punishment at all?  Are these just tragedies of modern marriage that should be ignored, and not in-home misbehavior that must be addressed? The wisdom of yesteryear suggests a remedy. It calls for a domestic reward for such behaviors that many modern husbands are afraid to even consider: the marital spanking.

Brainwashed by conventional wisdom, husbands have come to believe that when a man raises his hand against his wife, it is the most barbaric form of abuse, and cannot qualify as anything else. Afraid to be labelled an abusive husband, husbands brush aside the advice from the older generation. They tolerate the chaos in their homes. They bow to the leadership of their wives. They lose their self-esteem. They seek solace elsewhere and trade shallow affairs for the sanctity of marriage. They avoid coming home to their overbearing wives. Marriages grind their way through the sausage machine of divorce court. Lives of adults and children are minced up as husbands choose to abandon the wisdom of old as a sacrifice to please unnamed strangers who really don't care.

Consider domestic chaos: a home lacking in harmony, where a husband and wife yell at each other, where respect is absent, where loving encouragement is replaced by hurtful comments. What if you were given one chance to change that? What if your wife said she would do anything you wanted for one hour to help you change the home environment from Crazy Land to Peace and Harmony. What would you do with that hour? Would you be frozen on the spot, overwhelmed by the weight of the decision? Would you act quickly and take advantage of your wife's co-operation? What would you as the husband do?

If you are short on generating your own creative ideas, you might decide to call in a wise old man who has lived the married life and survived to tell the tale. Oh, the stories he could tell. When asked what he would do with the hour that will change things forever, he might say something like this:

Young man, your wife wants to be married to a man, not a mouse. Act like a man. Don't waste your precious hour debating your plans. Execute them. Your wife has given you a priceless gift of her absolute co-operation for one hour, so don't squander this gift. Take your beautiful bride by the hand and lead her to the sofa. Sit down and pull her down over your lap. That's right - over your lap. You need her to be safely positioned so you don't harm her, and having her bottom in full view lets you keep her safe. Tell her that she is about to get her first spanking from you, and that it is to help her mark the end of an era never to be repeated in your home. Emphasize your statement with a few well placed smacks on her upturned rear end. She will probably be protesting by this stage. Tell her she needs to be quiet and listen, because you are going to be telling her some very important things that she won't want to miss or forget.

Raise her skirt or lower her pants so her underwear is exposed. The extra layer of clothing will afford her too much protection and muffle your communication. She will hear more when there is less between your hand and her buttocks. Continue telling her what the new phase in your marriage will be like as you swat her pantied behind. She may be yelling or squirming by this stage, but don't let that deter you. After about five minutes, lower her panties. This is for her own safety. Feel free to explain that to her. You don't want to unnecessarily harm your wife, so you need to know the condition that her bottom is in. Her bottom needs to be exposed for you to make this judgment. Keep the spanking rhythmic and balanced: left, right, left, right... and for variety, throw the occasional swat across the middle of her globes, which she may be clenching tightly at this stage in the hope of alleviating some of the sting. Keep speaking in a soft, soothing voice. Raise your volume a little if she is making a lot of noise. Don't be too restrictive about the noise she makes. After all, this is all new to your wife and she will be feeling a little panicked. Give her some space to express herself.

Keep spanking, even when she begs you to stop, when she calls you an abusive beast, when she starts promising to be good, when she threatens to divorce you. You have an important message to share with her, and you cannot let her distract you from that. Her bottom will go through a variety of color changes. At first it will blush a little, then the blush will darken into a rose glow. The rosiness will eventually transform into a deep red. Her emotions will also go through various stages. She may start off co-operative, become more vocal and resistant as the sting builds up, perhaps become angry and commanding, and eventually her resistance should dissolve. She may cry as she accepts her fate and surrenders to you.

Expect these stages, and don't let them rattle you. Will the spanking hurt your wife? It surely will, but the pain will fade quite quickly after the spanking ends. Will it hurt you more than it hurts her? Probably not, but your hand will be pretty sore before you are done. Remember that this spanking is not about causing your wife pain. It is about inviting in a new era in your home: one where peace will reign because you have the courage to take the leadership of your home seriously. This spanking is your chance to get your wife's full attention so you can tell her how your new home and this new phase in your marriage will work. You've been thinking about how you want to lead for a long time now, so your speech is well rehearsed. This is your chance to share your vision with your wife without her cutting you off or stomping on your ideas. Be bold and talk - you only have one hour. If you communicate your ideas carefully, one swat at a time, you should end up with a wife who shares your excitement about changing your marriage and who will look at you through new eyes. That spanking will earn you a few respect points you never had before, so use them wisely. Will you need to spank your wife again? Perhaps. Time will tell. But if it is needed again, you will know what to do.


  1. We were married for years before my husband gave me my first spanking. It didn't last anywhere near an hour, and it was a pretty tame spanking by my current standards, but it did make me look at my husband differently. It's not that I was afraid of him after that spanking. I just saw him differently. I think you are right about it making the wife feel more respect for her husband. I think that is what changed for me.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Edna. Spanking is a great way for a husband for communicate his authority to his wife.

  2. Anonymous17/9/12 09:37

    I remember the first spanking my husband gave me. He had been threatening to spank me for how I was disrespecting him, but I thought they were just empty threats. Then one day he spanked me, and I was shocked into silence for hours. I never expected him to do it, but I am glad he did. Our marriage was rocky back then, and him taking a firm hand with me shook us out of a bad place where we were constantly hurting each other. He still spanks when he thinks it is necessary. I agree that him spanking me helps me be more respectful to him.

    1. A spanking is a powerful and quick way to stop the kind of word exchanges that can be very damaging in a marriage. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

  3. Hello. I just discovered your blog, and have really enjoyed reading this post. I think your advice is excellent. Should be required reading for new husbands! My husband and I have been married many years, but only started DD about 6 months ago. It has made a tremendous difference in our lives! Spanking has certainly made me think twice about how I speak and act. The better I treat my husband, BLue, the better he treats me. A wonderful dynamic.

    1. It's wonderful to hear that you and Blue are benefiting from him taking a firm lead. It sounds like you are well on your way to growing a deeper and more rewarding marriage. Yes, a spanking can certainly be a good motivator for "thinking twice and speaking once" - and only a spanked wife knows just HOW good it is! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous4/4/16 05:40

    First spankings work best when couples are still madly in love. Nor is merely spanking effective with all women.

    To this day, I regret not spanking my wife with a hairbrush on our wedding night. Even my wife admits it would have solved a lot of problems.

    Having come of age before spanking became controversial, my mother-in-law had introduced her daughter's backside to a hairbrush years earlier in a story my wife told while we were dating. I should have taken the hint.

    Although I thought about the hairbrush, through no fault of our own, things had not gone as planned during the wedding. It was a big production more for the benefit of her parents than for us. Likewise, our honeymoon had to be aborted because of complications beyond our control.

    Besides, being young and naive at the time, I honestly thought I'd corrected my wife's behaviors when we were dating. After all, with her permission, I'd disciplined my then teenage girlfriend before we married.

    Because of my initial failures, I wound up giving my wife first of several marital spankings during that first summer of our marriage. Eventually, my wife confessed she requited paddling rather than spanking. As it turned out, much of her frustration arose because she was enduring spankings rather than having a sore bottom remind her to behave!